After a day spent visiting Siena and its monuments or after you roam the dirt roads of Tuscany and the Chianti either by car, horseback or bicycle or just because you wish to pamper your body and soul, it is normal that at some point you dream about a massage.

At the Hotel Certosa di Maggiano we offer 3 types of massages: therapeutic, aesthetic and relaxing.

Whether it is Shiatsu, Ayurveda or a relaxing or stone massage all are performed by highly qualified and skilled therapists. Depending on the treatment of your choice, time and weather of the day your can chose to enjoy your massage either outdoors in the shade of a tree or within the massage room or if you even prefer, directly within your room. It's all about the spirit and the heart at the Certosa di Maggiano, it's all about a life style where confort and wellness are in symbiosis with the surrounding nature.