Beauty & Wellbeing

The Certosa di Maggiano is an ideal place for sports, fitness and health but we can not speak or think "total well-being" without considering beauty treatments, without focusing ourselves into our outside beauty and health as well, the skin. MARIA GALLAND PARIS has been administering individual and tailor-made beauty treatments for more than 40 years; like the Certosa di Maggiano, Maria Galland is a story made of passion and love initiated by a woman in Paris, back in the 60' in Avenue Chateaubriand. Leave your skin into MARIA GALLAND expert beauticians hands, enjoy highly varied face and body treatments precisely cater for your wishes and the needs of your skin, you will leave with a wonderful feeling of total relaxation, perfect comfort and absolute well-being.

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Skin diagnostic
Art de peau
Hydra luxe
Masque modelant
Modelant yeux
Soin cocon
Soin profilit
Thalasso visage
Lift confort
Soin clarte
Soin tendresse

Silhouette sculptant
Modelant corps