Taste of Tuscany

The Hotel Certosa di Maggiano in Siena is fully immersed in the Tuscan countryside among olive trees, gardens, roses and fruit trees.

Originally created as a place of prayer and meditation, the Certosa di Maggiano thanks to the beauty of the location, the quality of its services and the richness of its surrounding nature allows you to experience a uniquely relaxing Tuscan lifestyle.

An early morning walk, a glass of wine under the trees, the song of the cicadas at night; at the Hotel Certosa di Maggiano you fully live the tuscan life where everything is made to help you reach a real state of deep peace & well-being.

The Hotel Certosa di Maggiano is a natural paradise that we jealously strive to preserve. True source of health you find an infinity of roses, broom or oleanders that combined with plants, fruit trees and herbs they offer unique multi sensory itineraries made to restore your soul and heart.

There is nothing better than to be immersed into nature in order to regenerate your body & mind and far from everyday's stress, the Hotel Certosa di Maggiano is the ideal destination where to live a positive and balanced lifestyle at all levels: physical and emotional.

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