Tuscany is a charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature. Soft hills, the chromatic play of the fields, farmhouses and cypresses green and fertile hills like those of the Chianti, snowy summits, ponds and lagoons, the Mediterranean scrubland that pushes down to graze the sea; the woodland; the countryside marked by the thousands-year-old work of man, Tuscany is definetly a very varied and richly coloured territory. Especially known for the works of art present in its cities such as Florence, Siena with its Piazza del Campo and the legendary Palio; Pisa with her Leaning Tower and the Baptistery; Arezzo with her Parish of St. Mary; Livorno with its old fortress; Lucca with her historical walls; Chianti with her sweetness and the traditional viticulture. Due to its priviligeted position, the Hotel Certosa di Maggiano in Siena it's the ideal location from where to go and discover Tuscany's treasures. With the participation of tourist and environmental guides, we offer several itineraries that will take you directly within Tuscany's history, art and traditions.